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Right now my laptop


Good old reliable pal is broken as hell now with the tv that furnishes my room


I can easily do this temporarily:


As of right now I’m the only member of the writing staff with something functional which is why we will further require help from those who enjoy our content to get us all back on track.

I thank everyone who has helped our team in the past.  so for now like I said in the previous update ill just be transferring what the other members send in whatever format they choose.

I am also the only VA with a laptop so the channel will be mild gameplay videos probably until we gather enough to put  us all back in equipment. Thank you all and have a wonderful night.

page updates

Since no one in the group  has a functional  laptop  at the moment  we ask that anyone that wants to help please do.


Google Wallet

Also another thing I will be posting  all blogs by phone from each of the members who will text me their posts.

Until the 5 members of the writing   staff are without  some form of computer have one I’ll be copying  and pasteing all of our updates.

We are also going to start reviewing TV in the meantime while we try and save for laptops and your donations  help the team greatly.

As the fans support us we support the fans with better content.

-Roxanne  Wolfe

The human philosophy

What is our agenda?  We all seem to be working toward different  goals.  As countries,  as religions as even races we still divide ourselves  in petty squabbles.

Why can’t the human race get along?  Many have theorized.  Many have satvup thinking at night why the world can’t be a universal  Eden.

Not to take this at full Christian value but if you believe  the Bible then we  have one point of view.  From the moment Adam and eve got us tossed out of paradise  we have had the punishment  of dying  like the beasts  of the land.

So is desperation to survive the reason for our behavior?  Stomping  all over each other. Or is it the separation at the tower where God  divided us with language  barriers?

No… It is a simple concept even children could see it.  We refuse to agree to disagree. The simple fact of the matter is for whatever reason  humans have pride and egos that even out weigh the animals living with us.

Some see us as the dominant species  because of religion others because  we can communicate. Well I hate to break it to you but all species communicate but not like us.

However  my philosophy  goesva bit deeper.  We as a species  refuse to for whatever  reason  agree to disagree. We often allow pride to ignore  others opinions  and beliefs.

The true standpoint  of the human race to allow peace would be to agree that everyone  is solely  different.

We should  praise the individual rather then the whole.  We are all different.  When we can accept  each piece of the puzzle and when we can join to make one complete masterpiece  earth itself will be Eden.

-Roxanne  Jade Wolfe





Rebuild the empire

Recently a member of the staff came forward to confront Ducky and myself about the months before. The long trek of things lost or destroyed. Our equipment while homeless ravaged in the rain the entire team devastated.

We need to replace that equipment for all parties involved. His response to this is a gofundme account here :

My response however is a bit more simple. Gofundme I find to be a bit of a hassle. Especially since they use wepay and not allowing you to provide donations directly to paypal.

I sit here firmly believing that the best donation format in itself is paypal. Swift direct complete transactions without the hassle so the staffs paypal email still
is still :

Make your decision but please leave us a message if you need to know if there are any other formats you wish to help us out rather then us. To contact the 4 leaders of the divisions via email:



Carmen or Katherine:

Thank you and have a very nice week everybody!!!



Hello all and welcome to the new we are back and ready to create its all we do. it’s all we want to do. The staff is happy to answer any questions and see the  

page with any questions. We prefer you email though and will return your messages within a 48 hour period depending on load. If you enjoy fanart and many other related objects try the fandom support page

We enjoy so many things as of right now it’s just the Brony page but it will grow.

Do you like to read? Well check out our books page that is soon about to get more interactive

Next do you appreciate a good art piece then try 

Lastly do you want a shirt that will blow them away this school year? well I only have one answer for that

Congrats staff! we survived now let’s get back to work all of us and make the internet  lot more fun and hopefully a better easier way to enjoy yourself 😛

-Roxanne Wolfe