South Park member?

Do you remember  a better antagonist  in South Park?  Cause I don’t.  Those member berries are the cutest most addictive  characters  so far.

As I review this crazy as hell season keep in mind spoilers ahead. Let’s start with props for making Kyle’s dad a usually religious pious man you would think a Troll to end all trolls.

As for the whole boys vs girls segment of this whole thing and butters and Cartman kind of swapping roles this season. To see Butters as a major manipulative asshole in this season had me laughing the entire time.

Not the stuff he said about women but the sheer fact that he was the new Cartman. And speaking of Cartman it was beautiful as hell to see him fall in love and try to keep Heidi away from the crap he’s done in the past .

Also another thing that really caught me off guard was Kyle turning into Skankhunt2.0 on us. For him to take up his fathers mantle even for a cause just seems highly unlike him.
One would thing the righteous Kyle couldn’t stomach it and Ike be doing it.

But the assholey kicker is that the head of troll trace turns out to be the worst level of troll. But thats my review all and all I loved it and am Glad Rox let me write a semi review this is my first ever sorry its short.

-Carmen Dogfoot

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