Update again

The staff an I organized a plan that will allow us to work together we have decided on the cheapest possible laptop set that meets all the requirements of the members of wds without computers at this time.


This laptop $249 online is $199 in several walmart stores for the holiday. We need a total of 3 of these so $600 plus tax to at least get the group at least back up to functionality.

Katherine can share hers with Carmen and Sheryl as normally they all live in the same relative area. Leaving the other 2 for myself and Ducks. The touchscreen will alow ducks and I to shell out comics faster then ever before both of us drawing at maximum compacity and the plot is still written and formulated by me.

WE would like to try and get these before the holiday hasd ended and the price shoots back up so please donate to:
Paypal- willdemon@live.com

Or shoot us a few art commisions. We wont charge a ton but everything is hand sketched since we cant go digital for a tiny bit until the goal is met. Thank you.

-Roxanne Wolfe


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