A list of Fanfictions written by different members of BEN by author page.

1. Equestrian universe- Click Here
2. Roxy Vs. The world- Click Here
3. The PonTrix – Coming Soon
4. The Clans of Limbo Click Here
1. Somber Sun – Coming soon

1. BEN Highschool- Coming Soon

1. Can You Quack- Coming Never
2. Cold one with dem boys- Coming when hell freezes over

1. The life of a spud- Coming Never
2. The Tree Cult Bible- In ponytown watch him preach

Vision Wave/Music Lover/Jon
1. How to kill a party favor – Coming when he finally kills Alex with a chicken wing covered in the barbecue sauce

1. How To anime- It’s so basic it’s funny

1. How to visualize being a campfire
2. My Alolan Nightmare
3. Pokemon go Home

Brony Troll/ Limestar
1. How to Troll a girl in 10 days
2. Trollic Park

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