Chapter 1
Giant Pony




Greg’s eyes filled with tears seeing his newly born young colt a crown on his head he didn’t understand. Rose had vanished a strange mare that once bore a crown he didn’t understand.

Twilight placed a hoof on his shoulder along with the others. Twilight felt pain. Rose was her leader she may have possibly had loved her but even she knew a true their kind can only pass on life with other creatures by ceasing to exist all her magic now resting inside this colt.

Steven was a strange Colt he enjoyed strumming in his father’s wagon even though he lived with the princess of friendship. Something dark loomed over the horizon. It was a great monster. He screamed as he never saw anything like it and took off running as he hit smack dab into a rather stinky pony that only glared at him after dropping a ton of quarters by the arcade. “Sorry Button!” He yelled as he breathed hard heading for The Big Apple to warn his friends Sadie and Lars what was coming and possibly to get a snack but twilight appeared.

She summoned a spear with her horn striking down the creature with Rainbow summoning a whip she wielded with good precision and Applejack punching its face. The creature became a shiny gem. Twilight sighed as her nephew yelled. “That was awesome!”

“Steven” Twilight sighed looking at the gem that she sealed in a magic bubble sending it away then she continued to talk.

“These creatures are corrupted and we have to turn them back into their base element and bubble them so they can’t hurt and pony else. Do you understand?”

Steven Nodded unsure and began to strum some more. Button walked up to steven with a grin as they turned around there was a strange building that landed in Beachville a pink pony stepped out bouncing around. Hello earth Ponies I am Pinkie I am from the earth Equestria like all of you nothing to see here. A larger pony behind her ran off. They looked at each other and shrugged they sniffed the air.

“Do you guys smell smoke?” Asked Rainbow who flew up noticing a fire as a pony was trying to put a fire out in the arcade. Button still smirking looked deeply at Steven. Button didn’t have to say any of his game gibberish as Steven knew that young brown pony was the essence of evil.
Rainbow took off making it Rain to help put out the fire. Steven yawned he was exhausted from running from the creature and all the excitement he had witnessed. He found out that his family had more secrets then he thought. He wondered why these monsters attacked. He knew at least that his mother was an alicorn that didn’t exactly get along with the current ruling class of Unicorn from the equestrian homeworld.

Twilight and Greg would tell him stories about how Rose fell in loved with the horses of earth and decided that the “Huponies” as homeworld called them were worth saving. He was glad to know his mother was a hero.

Steven fell asleep that night to those thoughts. He was happy to have them in his life but Part of him just sought to know his mother. Why did she have him just to disappear? He found himself somewhere strange he knew he was dreaming. He heard Crying from somewhere but couldn’t place it.

He saw the moon itself it looked like a mare with a tear on her face. He then saw streaks of white blue yellow and pink streaking across the sky shattering the moon before he heard a voice that snapped him out of his nap.

“Hey steven!” Yelled Rainbow as he jumped awake and she ate a burrito almost whole. looked at her then he yawned getting up as he smelled something good downstairs he slowly headed down eating some pancakes that Apple Jack had made. The silence didn’t last long though as another creature appeared that the gems quickly dispatched.

Twilight sighed happily muttering “I’m glad we didn’t have to use Lomal” Steven tilted his head curiously as twilight annoyed began to clean the area explaining. “Well you see Steven we can sometimes fuse our elements into one being to become stronger if need be”
Stevens face grew wide with a smile and began begging them to fuse as Twilight responded.

“No Fusion is not a toy!” Rainbow laughed but one glare from Twilight shut her up. Steven realizing he couldn’t annoy twilight into doing something she didn’t want to do walked off past Button who was playing Wack a mole but with actual moles in a cardboard box. Steven didn’t seem to notice this though.

Steven decided to finally get that snack at The Big Apple. He got an apple doughnut with chocolate frosting with sprinkles as he noticed that Lars wasn’t there.
“Is Lars sick?” Asked Steven


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