It was a cold day in Thunderclan when Firestar walked back into the camp. He had found a kit buried in the snow. He knew not what she was rouge or another clan he just knew he had to get her to safety.

He dropped her at Cinderpelt feet the kitten opened her eyes. “Where did you find her Firestar?” Ask Cinderpelt as the Kit sprung to her feet looking at herself. “Is this a dream? ” She kept yelling as she looked at Firestar.

“Rusty?” She said curiously. It was then Firestar got a better look at her in two moons she would be an apprentice no way she would know his twoleg name.

“How do you know that name kit?” He asked. The female a bit more relaxed stated her name.
“I am Rose. Remember me kitty?” Shocked that the strangest thing in all of all this was the niece of his former twolegs.


Chapter 1
Firestar and Cinderpelt

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