Happy St. Clovers Day 2018

I made the original post last year. Let’s make this a Brony Entertainment Network Holiday!

Okay guys: there will be a livestream tonight somewhere between 9pm and midnight as we are trying to work with schedules.

Today, you humans celebrate Saint Patrick. We ponies, however, celebrate Clover the Clever, as we raise our mugs high in friendship and harmony. Why do you ask? That’s simple. Clover, after everyone got to the new land, did something to spread friendship not just in the New Equestria but with a dragon that would become a Dragonlord.

His name is lost to text but let’s call him Spike like our spike. He was described as being purple green and was strong with a green flame. One day, Clover was researching plants to help Starswirl when she came across a four leaf Clover.

The young dragon reached for it at the same time as Clover and they both screamed. She realized he was not like the other dragons. “A dragon?” she said curiously. She had never seen one like him before, especially one with no wings at all.

He nodded not knowing what she would do. They decided to share the clover as they walked off into town. The other people feared him and he grew sad but Clover stood up claiming he was not like the others and for a time the small childlike dragons were friendly to the young equestrians. Delivering messages. Clover and her new friend spent many fun days for years to come.

-Roxanne Wolfe

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