Update 3/10/2018

We have added three new secondary staff members to the mix which basically means three more unpaid interns! Actually who am I kidding? We are all unpaid interns at this moment. The $4 and some change we get from Patron at the moment pays for not even half of the hosting fee!*chuckles* But we love our Patron and he keeps us going. Feel free to back us up anytime you can, please. I would really like to get to a point where I can pay all of the staff. Now on to introducing the N00Bs.

I would like to start with our new Editor, Rowan, our Red Hooded Wraith of sorts. I need him as I’m a harsh dyslexic and I refuse to cry to my sister in law, the cruellest of grammar Nazis. He is a wonderful individual that was kind enough to offer assistance and is our only Patron. We love him for always having our backs.

Next let’s talk about Bronytroll, our new Moderator. If you comment on the site, especially the BEN page, I’m sure he will make sure he handles you rule breakers out there like he does in my Discord. But I warn: you come at my boy and I will bite your head off. The Mama Wolf will protect her cub!

Finally our new Admin. I must say, someone else was originally going to get this position however they betrayed my trust. So instead of them, let’s welcome Ponyta Shimmer as a guy who wins the admin award, if he wants it. That’s right, to join my crew you have to earn it. To be on our higher staff, you need to not just show me you have the skills but that you can be trusted. Ponyta is so goddamn loyal that, God forbid, he should replace Rainbow Dash if she ever gets destroyed by something.

Congratulations to all who have been awarded the honor of my trust. Welcome to the team (if you accept your Role).

– Roxanne Jade Wolfe

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