Update 7/6/2018

The site is about to get a weekly blog again I’m actually working on the next three posts now. The fanfictions are also slowly getting updated. Our team is working hard to keep going. We are now 6 unified youtube channels and making headway on the studio remodel thank you, everyone,, who has donated or purchased products it’s helping the entire staff build our dream media platform.

So far the Electric framework has been completed the rest I look to you loyal page subscribers help us finish this project so we can increase the platform of free content we always put out for you. Though lately it’s mostly webcomics and fanfics at the moment since we are focused on those while the remodel is going on.

Also, news that is slowing us down and put our animating on hold. Remember last year when I did a donation pool for touchscreen laptops to restart the page and channel and so we could drop out art faster? Remember how we didn’t get that but got two pawn shop computers?

The hard drive went on one of them but fear not our hardware tech will fix it we just have to slowly get parts here and there she said it might be another month but she’ll figure it out like she did the Xbox for our twitch streams. (knuxstar_wds_ben)

Also, comments are approval only we even have a mod that approves them stop with the spam. I’m mostly looking at the ones that look like this:
Random Typing I don’t know if it’s bots or not.  If you like us don’t just subscribe to the channel subscribe to the site and Join us on discord!

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