Rebuild the empire

Recently a member of the staff came forward to confront Ducky and myself about the months before. The long trek of things lost or destroyed. Our equipment while homeless ravaged in the rain the entire team devastated.

We need to replace that equipment for all parties involved. His response to this is a gofundme account here :

My response however is a bit more simple. Gofundme I find to be a bit of a hassle. Especially since they use wepay and not allowing you to provide donations directly to paypal.

I sit here firmly believing that the best donation format in itself is paypal. Swift direct complete transactions without the hassle so the staffs paypal email still
is still :

Make your decision but please leave us a message if you need to know if there are any other formats you wish to help us out rather then us. To contact the 4 leaders of the divisions via email:



Carmen or Katherine:

Thank you and have a very nice week everybody!!!