The Purge

Yes here we are folks tackling the purge movies. Just relax as you hear our standpoints on the movies from our own discussions on the matter

Thanks Wolfie first off is a  review on the three movies. I pretty much felt the concept was a bit well thought out. It almost felt so creative I thought I was watching Saw all over again what about you guys?

I for one have to agree with the saw comment but not in your line of thinking pal

Oh well what then?

I think Wolfie is just playing the Lore card and its understandable. Here we are filling in the gaps with little bits of information rather then a clear defined prequel for the very first purge.

Exactly Sher now what is your standing Katherine?

Can we not watch….movies like that?


She’s scared

Am not….

Ok so shall we question the likely hood of this working n our country

Sure let’s say Donald Trump somehow makes it so that one night a year we can do whatever crime we want get away with it.

Ok smart mouth what do you think would happen in purge number 1

I think there wouldn’t be so much death people would take purge one as some kind of joke and several people will just loot what I assume to be a closed walmart. See the difference here is we have the movies at Hand. We would automatically assume a joke and the few who would believe  the law was real would probably just loot for personal gain to test the water but come purge 2 all hell would break loose in our country.

So you honestly think it would work?  I don’t Killing the poor to make it so the government has more money in their pocket…..No

I’m not saying the purge works however they do that already we have our own technical purge a way to lesson the population but with higher crime rate. Look at the gangs and so on. Crime makes people want government *Plays xfiles theme while matrix code loads on screen*

are you just tossing conspiracies around thats my job but you did beat me to my punchline in this concept.

So let me get this shit straight you two are saying that the purge cant work but organized crime already lines the governments pockets so why would they bother making this a law?

Conspiracy theories are fun to think about but Sherry here usually takes it farther then me Carmen.

Oh Roxy dear I intend to start off I call hacks! Killing the homeless and the poor will not lower the crime rate as much as you think. Humans are Jealous creatures. The old cliche of the wife killing her cheating husband would naturally skyrocket. Think about it if all crimes are legal that one night how many guys do you think are going to go out and screw the first helpless girl they see. Do you see where this is going Rox?

Yes the purge would not only increase crime but threaten to destroy us all. Once you kill someone its more then likely you’ve severed something in your mind. Your taste for blood raises. Killing becomes an addiction. We create a ton of serial killers with one law.

Well ladies should this become a thing.

Sheryl stop being crazy.

Not a purge but lets have one night every 4 years where Thievery is legal and we all loot walmart and several banks.

Let’s call it Blue Friday

You girls are hopeless

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South Park member?

Do you remember  a better antagonist  in South Park?  Cause I don’t.  Those member berries are the cutest most addictive  characters  so far.

As I review this crazy as hell season keep in mind spoilers ahead. Let’s start with props for making Kyle’s dad a usually religious pious man you would think a Troll to end all trolls.

As for the whole boys vs girls segment of this whole thing and butters and Cartman kind of swapping roles this season. To see Butters as a major manipulative asshole in this season had me laughing the entire time.

Not the stuff he said about women but the sheer fact that he was the new Cartman. And speaking of Cartman it was beautiful as hell to see him fall in love and try to keep Heidi away from the crap he’s done in the past .

Also another thing that really caught me off guard was Kyle turning into Skankhunt2.0 on us. For him to take up his fathers mantle even for a cause just seems highly unlike him.
One would thing the righteous Kyle couldn’t stomach it and Ike be doing it.

But the assholey kicker is that the head of troll trace turns out to be the worst level of troll. But thats my review all and all I loved it and am Glad Rox let me write a semi review this is my first ever sorry its short.

-Carmen Dogfoot

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The human philosophy

What is our agenda?  We all seem to be working toward different  goals.  As countries,  as religions as even races we still divide ourselves  in petty squabbles.

Why can’t the human race get along?  Many have theorized.  Many have satvup thinking at night why the world can’t be a universal  Eden.

Not to take this at full Christian value but if you believe  the Bible then we  have one point of view.  From the moment Adam and eve got us tossed out of paradise  we have had the punishment  of dying  like the beasts  of the land.

So is desperation to survive the reason for our behavior?  Stomping  all over each other. Or is it the separation at the tower where God  divided us with language  barriers?

No… It is a simple concept even children could see it.  We refuse to agree to disagree. The simple fact of the matter is for whatever reason  humans have pride and egos that even out weigh the animals living with us.

Some see us as the dominant species  because of religion others because  we can communicate. Well I hate to break it to you but all species communicate but not like us.

However  my philosophy  goesva bit deeper.  We as a species  refuse to for whatever  reason  agree to disagree. We often allow pride to ignore  others opinions  and beliefs.

The true standpoint  of the human race to allow peace would be to agree that everyone  is solely  different.

We should  praise the individual rather then the whole.  We are all different.  When we can accept  each piece of the puzzle and when we can join to make one complete masterpiece  earth itself will be Eden.

-Roxanne  Jade Wolfe