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Hello everyone staff so on I regret to inform you that unless we get enough donations we will once again be shut down on the 21st of February But theirs still hope you can save us….Click the button…Donate or share this page….Lots of people count on us heck The entire  Brony Entertainment network does to host their page and social media

I’m not posting the comic pages since Ducky and I write and draw those. Its simple through continued support this site can run smoothly. WE just ask that you help us out at least with this before its to late. So click the button or head over to our patreon!

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Happy valentines day!

I don’t have much of a post just  saying that I’m back on my feet and ready to Blog but hey site needs a few bucks to stay afloat so right now fundraising the renewal of our sites hosting we have until the 21st so click the button or share with your friends.

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Movie Review updates

Carmen here. Your thinking Fucking finally more movie reviews from the most bad anime chick around. Well this is more a site update as a whole. This weekend Kitty Kat and I are going to start posting shit cause Roxanne is sleeping constantly. She’s  just tired and not doing as well as she should be.

Here’s been our problem with doing all the beautiful things we used to do. All the stuff we had to make merch is just fuckin gone! Carmen aint gonna sugah coat dis shit for ya’all. What we have in money we need to live at this moment.

Ok so here’s how we fix this shit. We need a few donations. In honestly let me break this crap down for ya internet:

The website hosting = $36+tax
Heat press= $220+tax
Mug press= $95+Tax
Starting merch print on and  enough ink and paper to get us started $700

Roxy tries to find ways to short the equipment prices by going to specific sites but we need equipment that will last. We lost our equipment due to people getting greedy. I love the team. I love having Rox as our fearless leader but today we step up to help her.

The other members I urge you pass this around for me. Any group supported by us is also effected. The donation pages made by Roxy for her friends will be effected if we go down. Roxy is to nice! She won’t say it! Help her suceed!

We received an email from our host about our payment being due at the end of February. Roxy hasn’t noticed and she needs rest right now. So please help. Click the button donate or spread it!

-Carmen Dogfoot and KittyKat


Happy new Year/ update!

We wish all our readers a happy new year! We also thank all our donators for now we have Two computers of those needed to get each member back to running at the optimal efficiency.
However we still need a few things yet to get fully functional:

1. A USB multi port
2. A webcam (for game streaming)
3. a Camcorder ( old one broke while we were homeless)
4. printer Paper
5. Art supplies
6. laptops for rest of team
7. Microphones

If you enjoy our content please continue to support us via


Update again

The staff an I organized a plan that will allow us to work together we have decided on the cheapest possible laptop set that meets all the requirements of the members of wds without computers at this time.

This laptop $249 online is $199 in several walmart stores for the holiday. We need a total of 3 of these so $600 plus tax to at least get the group at least back up to functionality.

Katherine can share hers with Carmen and Sheryl as normally they all live in the same relative area. Leaving the other 2 for myself and Ducks. The touchscreen will alow ducks and I to shell out comics faster then ever before both of us drawing at maximum compacity and the plot is still written and formulated by me.

WE would like to try and get these before the holiday hasd ended and the price shoots back up so please donate to:

Or shoot us a few art commisions. We wont charge a ton but everything is hand sketched since we cant go digital for a tiny bit until the goal is met. Thank you.

-Roxanne Wolfe


South Park member?

Do you remember  a better antagonist  in South Park?  Cause I don’t.  Those member berries are the cutest most addictive  characters  so far.

As I review this crazy as hell season keep in mind spoilers ahead. Let’s start with props for making Kyle’s dad a usually religious pious man you would think a Troll to end all trolls.

As for the whole boys vs girls segment of this whole thing and butters and Cartman kind of swapping roles this season. To see Butters as a major manipulative asshole in this season had me laughing the entire time.

Not the stuff he said about women but the sheer fact that he was the new Cartman. And speaking of Cartman it was beautiful as hell to see him fall in love and try to keep Heidi away from the crap he’s done in the past .

Also another thing that really caught me off guard was Kyle turning into Skankhunt2.0 on us. For him to take up his fathers mantle even for a cause just seems highly unlike him.
One would thing the righteous Kyle couldn’t stomach it and Ike be doing it.

But the assholey kicker is that the head of troll trace turns out to be the worst level of troll. But thats my review all and all I loved it and am Glad Rox let me write a semi review this is my first ever sorry its short.

-Carmen Dogfoot

Page updates 2/status staff update

Right now my laptop


Good old reliable pal is broken as hell now with the tv that furnishes my room


I can easily do this temporarily:


As of right now I’m the only member of the writing staff with something functional which is why we will further require help from those who enjoy our content to get us all back on track.

I thank everyone who has helped our team in the past.  so for now like I said in the previous update ill just be transferring what the other members send in whatever format they choose.

I am also the only VA with a laptop so the channel will be mild gameplay videos probably until we gather enough to put  us all back in equipment. Thank you all and have a wonderful night.