5 of the animated movies or TV shows to make a matrix out of in order to enslave us all

Strap yourselves in with your Neo plushie and lets get this going. Also before you go any further I mean us not the actual matrix movies. Here are a few movies and shows that might just trick us into living out our days in the trap our Machine overlords built.

5. Cars or any giant robot series
I got a need a need for speed! That’s not enough for you? alright. so to start off I like to think that the matrix has many servers. Cars for example would be a great server just after the war for average civilians they have the freedom to ride around in bodies that are somehow both flesh and machine.
I expect our evil overlords to be dicks about owning us. I would expect nothing less then payback. Perhaps it’s reconditioning that became part of the matrix so they can free the humans one day. All we know is the only thing that can save us is robot kind and we now love them for it. Seriously this could be our current reality. Everyone loves Giant robots.

4. Zootopia
Ok so the biggest glitch in the matrix would be the mind right? The human condition couldn’t handle a paradise so they had to construct a matrix that the human mind considered real enough to be believable. Since there must be different servers based on how the human mind behaves this is where all the furrys are. I’m not joking the Furry fandom would actually beat the matrix. Look at it this way if the human brain can’t conceive paradise then the opposite must be true we can’t conceive hell. Hell for us is not being who or what we really wanna be. Now let’s get down to how this would work. Zootopia could be a half matrix a fail safe for the human mind to keep the furry community content. It’s the matrix plus inception. It’s all a dream but not really. When furrys sleep they are in Zootopia.

3a. Pokemon– This ones for all you ash is in a coma people…You know who you people are…while the theory in itself is batshit I have to say that running around catching pokemon and battling really does keep you busy from noticing your machine overlords. We just got out of a war here all we know is fighting. let’s make a bridge to a normal world.

3b. Digimon – Yes I had Pokemon on this list and for the sake of this post I’m only counting adventure because frontier, data squad and so on would ruin this concept. Digimon would be the perfect first matrix. The humans have been enslaved and need something to do a way to be distracted a new enemy to face. what I’m implying here is that the kids from digimon adventure 1 and 2 as well as Tamers  would be world leaders. We know humans cant process perfection or the opposite. The normal people might be easier to assimilate however some of our strongest willed fighters might be able to overload the system. What better way then to keep them distracted in the most childish of ways. Most monster anime fit into this category.

2. Dragon Ball series– How else would you explain the failures of the first crops of humans? Mass deaths only for them to be revived by technology?

Honorable mentions :
Gravity falls, Fosters home, My little pony friendship is magic, toy story, The brave little toaster , Rick and Morty, Sonic X

1. Steven universe
Yes I get it seven universe your thinking? Look at the crystal gems and the way they protect earth. Mostly pearl for example her way of being would be the perfect program to keep us on track. With a war still fresh in our minds and probably majority of the population left it’s possible that beach city is the only thing left until they grow more humans.

With this in mind, We could easily be distracted by a new war with an alien race. The only real people are the humans in beach city and empire city. Everything else is an illusion and we accept that. Steven himself would be an agent. He’s not real. We view him as our hero one of our kind even is deeply close to him but the truth is it’s the machines seeking our love again.

How did you like this post? If we get 100 retweets we will do the opposite 5 animated shows or movies that would be the worst matrix to enslave us with.

– Roxanne Wolf

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