Chapter 1
The Bar


Roxy and Jon were sitting in a bar getting wasted Cashew was passed out asleep.

“Hey, Jon remember that time that I saved you from all those waifus?” ASked Roxy as Jon growled with that whining joke voice of his he spoke kinda whiney. “God Dammit Roxy we said we wouldn’t talk about it”

Ponyta also at the bar demanded to hear it in his drunk Rage or he would burn the place down. “Chill dude I’ll tell you but like this, it all starts in a bar years ago.”


Jon was an odd pony a pegasus. A mad scientist in his spare time. He created a potion that he drank which split his dark side from his light side. The music Lover as we had known him had become a night lover! But that’s not the story we are telling today maybe next time. Right now all you need to know is a drunken paniced Jon walked into a strange arcade to visit someone they called “Batman?” Interrupted whirlwind smiling to himself drinking a diet coke. “Whirlwind what are you doing in the bar ruining my storty session?!” Yelled Roxy

Whirlwind sipped his diet coke then started to answer” BUt I was just haveing a cold one with dem…” Before he could finish Jon Ponyta and roxy thrww him out yelling “NO!”

Whirlwind smirked running home. “Mission acomplished he muttered.”

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