Christmas 2015


Twas the day of Christmas and all through the house

The bronies were gathering with one tiny mouse

with teddy and Persia unwrapping it’s obvious that Santa had been there;

blazing and I wishing we were still in our beds

we didn’t know what went on in the rest of their heads;

Blazing with cocoa in his hoof and me in my hat,

had sat down drinking on the couch if you can imagine that,

When outside the window an eerie face while inside its all cheer

to kill us all jay will have to wait maybe until next year

Away to the mistletoe angel rain quite fast

to tie up Alex and catch him in a trap that will last

Get a room you two came from all of the crew

you would say it two yourself if you knew

When what to my wondering eyes did wonder

the table of cider Andrea had drank them all under,

With head on the table jon and am so sick,

I knew in a moment I must take a few pictures quick

uploading to youtube blazing and I did exclaim,

then as a joke we called each brony we trollled by name:

“Now, Victor! now, Danceparty! now tombstone and wubcake!

wood toaster! Miccrophone ! And pranked on brony notion!

To the trolling on skype ! to the jokes on reddits wall!

Now Prank them! Prank ahoy! Now a prank call!”

As we trolled along the hate mail began to fly,

When we found an obstacle, we could not deny ;

So up to trouble we should have gotten coal

it was as if the terrible twos of the smallest foal—

and then I head something crazy on the roof

the sound of many a galloping large hoof hoof.

As I looked in the chimney forced to turn around,

cashew came down the chimney with a mighty sound.

He was white and black but stuck quite so ,

kids don’t try this at home he got stuck in one go;

Another sound we heard from the door in the back

it was probably just jay again trying to sneak in for a soul snack

His eyes—how they frightened scary his shape

outside he popped a small bug like a grape

His fanged mouth looking to for us to conquer

outside he grabbed an acme rocket launcher;

and without another word he pulled the trigger,

to his dismay a force field his obstacle now bigger

He had anger on his face and a somewhat empty belly

out the window we sent him a flyer for a nearby deli .

We also threw him a few pieces of food from our shelf,

we laughed we knew he wanted our souls for himself;

jay now beaten lowered his eery head

and lifted it with a grin that gave us all dread;

before us he saw him a pour soul to eat a shop clerk,

an angry sort of fellow with his shirt black marked jerk,

We tried to warn him as jay arose,

we tried to warn him Dan did not hear our woes;

jay knocked him off his feet claiming his poor soul,

with his final scream Dan blamed bronies as a whole.

But I heard jay say as he ducked out of sight with a grin

“have your party you all but next year I’ll get in

New Years 2016

Valentines day 2016








Saint Patrick’s Day 2016




Easter 2016



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Mothers day 2016
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Christmas 2016
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