Netflix Review Fate: The Winx Saga

We are the Winx We are the…what did I just walk into? A Netflix adaptation of the Winx club. I was wary about watching it at first because of World of Winx. This was a bit more interesting.  The Darker tone of this series reminds me much of The magicians and The Order

It gives us some of the characters of the original series back however we are missing Flora and Tecna. There is a mention of Flora by a Fairy called Terra who says she has a cousin called Flora. No sign of the Trix during the entire season however I believe  Beatrix represents the Trix as a whole so far.

Let’s break it down Character by  character:

The Winx

Bloom A Changeling of a Fire Fairy switched with what I am assuming was a stillborn baby girl She is at  Alfea because her powers nearly burned her house down and she needs to learn to control my impression of the new version of bloom is amazing so far. Though I want to make Buffy jokes in the back of my head the whole time.

Stella Seeming like the typical heiress princess at first I was disappointed that she wasn’t the upbeat Girl she was originally but was impressed that they made her character complex and deep while like Bloom she lacks Control and has also hurt someone in the past even though gossip and rumors see her as having sone this on purpose

Aisha The water Fairy as you know. She rather angers me. She acts like Bloom is being dumb for breaking the rules and yet she continues to spy on the faculty.  Season two might redeem her for me I hope even if she was right about the mistake they may have been making.

Terra The replacement for Flora which is a welcome change.  If anyone wasn’t going to fit in a dark Netflix series it was her. She shows that you shouldn’t mess with the nice one more times than once. She has a brother but we will get to him when he actually has a plot besides being a plot device himself.

Musa Now hers is the biggest change. They make her more of an Empath that hides in her music so she doesn’t have to feel everyone constantly. Fans of the show may be annoyed at her not Dating Riven but Terra’s brother instead.

The Specialists

Sky Makes his return as Stella’s Ex-boyfriend and well now has a thing for Bloom.  At least they are keeping this Romance canon.  His father is dead he’s being Raised by Silva.

Riven Holy pothead batman! Did they Take Rivens bad boy in a whole new direction.  He’s always getting high to the point I’m wondering if he’s the Pot Fairy. He joins in on Beatrix Shennanigans many times. I wonder if he will redeem himself later on as this kid is trouble but Riven had honor in the old series.

Dane a newcomer to the franchise having once seemed interested in Terra he is now obsessed with Beatrix

The faculty

Farah this world’s version of  Faragonda she comes off as a McGonagall as the headmistress of  Alfea two afraid to tell her students the truth of what is really going on which backfires heavily. I do hope her death at Rosalind’s hands is not permanent as I do respect the lengths she went to protect everyone  even if sometimes it seemed like she wasn’t

Silva A father figure to Sky and Sky’s father’s once best friend having killed Sky’s Father or so we all thought to stop the genocide of a village. Though I do not believe Rosalind’s story of Blood witches.

Professor Harvey Does not do much in the series besides almost get the girls and his son killed. He is the Botany professor and a real fool so far

The Villains

The Burned ones

Queen Luna Anyone who pulls the crap she did and didn’t care about lives would be considered a villain in any other story so here she is Stella’s mother who is a perfectionist and believes that Farah is teaching Stella the wrong way to Harness her magic Preferring anger to Love this woman is Nature eats Nurture whole and asks for seconds

Beatrix  This girl of all the Villains in the series is the most interesting. She uses her body and whims to get her way with men and women alike. She even tricks Bloom into freeing Rosalind her loyalty to Rosalind is shown with her being Raised by Sky’s not so dead Father

Rosalind she May have fooled Bloom but she doesn’t fool me she is up to something she was once Farah’s mentor and killed people without warning I am not sure what she’s up to all I know is it can’t be good

From who I put in the villain category you see how I feel and where I stand going forward. Rosalind will cause more problems for the girls than anyone else. Sky’s Father is not Listed as I fear he may just be a pawn unless I see more. However, it’s not cool that he went this long hiding letting his son think he was dead.

I have strong opinions on the characters as some seem to be more than they seem. The plot is solid for a Darker Take on the Winx So check it out even if you mind not the Review spoilers and if you have checked it out hit us up on Twitter @wolfduckstudios

While I do love this series I must criticize them missing a vital character.  Where the heck is Knut? Will he make it into season 2? A bumbling comic relief would help out the tone of this show. It has its twists and turns however it can be rather a cliche at times especially with Stella being the princess archetype for most of the episodes

And I do hope they make Season 2 a little less predictable. Rosalind being the big bad was obvious from the start. Killing Farah was a low blow after endangering all the students just to get magic. At least we do get to see Bloom Transform.

All an all 6 out of 10 and that’s enough Ranting on this show for me.  It has been a while since I wrote one of these so please comment and take the poll

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