I am the terror that flies on light bulbs!

I am the thing that creeps out all manner of Flaming horses.

I am The Anti Social Moth!

I shouldn’t need an introduction I have been part of this group since the beginning.

Now that this site is re branding I have decided to continue working on the site and still be the Anti Social being that I am.

For those who were sad that I stopped coming around I’m sorry. It’s nothing most of you did.

Some people like to cast lies on people without proof and make some people feel like crawling inside a cocoon and stay there until you feel the world has stopped shaking.

The internet is a backwards place. It is like high school with extra steps.

Bully’s left and right. Everyone climbing that social ladder stepping on good honest people along the way.

People like you make me sick.

I have realized recently that I can’t let people like that keep me from helping my friends and family here.

So just have fun everyone. It will be nice working directly with everyone again.

And if you donate directly to me and not the website I the Anti Social Moth will eat all the sweaters your grandma gave you last year. Ain’t I generous 😀

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