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Slow days at work got you down? Need extra cash for the holiday? Well we have you covered my friends Join our simple fundraiser all you need is  to use our poorly drawn template and sell the merch at:
http://www.wolfduckstudios.com/shop/ It’s so easy. see below the image for Rules and requirements.

Terms ( May change because of shenanigans ):

1. You will receive $5 on every sale $25 or above (The price of all the shirts and the wicked sign)
2. You will receive $2 on the $15 or below items
3. You have to be registered with us to take part in this and fill out a Fundraiser application
4. All deposits are to be forwarded to this button
5. To receive your funds the buyer must send a PayPal message with the payment using the username you receive upon completing your application, for example, BronyTr0ll Himself would be that BronyTr0ll
6. Buyers must indicate also what they are paying for in our shop
7. Anything larger then S,M,L,XL  send them to me at wolfduckstudios@gmail.com with your username if they buy u get paid 😛
8. My shirts go by male blank tee sizes let them know that women like me have to do math 😛
That’s all for now

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