Hello all and welcome to the new wolfduckstudios.com we are back and ready to create its all we do. it’s all we want to do. The staff is happy to answer any questions and see the http://www.wolfduckstudios.com/staff-page-contact-us/  

page with any questions. We prefer you email though and will return your messages within a 48 hour period depending on load. If you enjoy fanart and many other related objects try the fandom support page


We enjoy so many things as of right now it’s just the Brony page but it will grow.

Do you like to read? Well check out our books page that is soon about to get more interactive


Next do you appreciate a good art piece then try

Lastly do you want a shirt that will blow them away this school year? well I only have one answer for that

Congrats staff! we survived now let’s get back to work all of us and make the internet  lot more fun and hopefully a better easier way to enjoy yourself 😛

-Roxanne Wolfe

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